01. Golova-Golovushka
02. Vesnjanka
03. It is raining
04. Kupalenka
05. Svjat Vechjor
06. Tausen
07. Solovejushka
08. Dreamer
09. Kisjel
10. Po Zarechju
11. Mother Volga
12. Leli-Leli
13. Three Glasses
14. Raven

Volga are:

Angela Manukjan - vocals
Roman Lebedev - electronics, guitar
Alexei Borisov - electronics, guitar, back-vocal
Uri Balashov - zvukosuk, tibetian cup
Roman Anikushin - video

With this album Volga destroyed the monopoly of decorative folklore groups on the fashionable ethnic theme and gave a chance for the youth to touch the native Russian culture and to feel its' ritual roots.
The artists managed to build a kind of a bridge between Russian archaic folklore along with pagan ritual rhythms and the aesthetics of modern electronics. They recorded the album at the studio of Nick Artamonov, a famous sound director and producer with the assistance of Nikolay Nebogatov, a well-known musician.

(c)&(p) Exotica, Moscow, Russia