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The Klangbad collective is committed to nurturing and releasing genre bending music. We invite the uncalculated and inconclusive; the spontaneous improvised methods of making and expressing musical collaboration.

Klangbad was birthed over 15 years ago, initially to release the music of Faust, often described as one of the most experimental and uncompromising Krautrock bands to come out of post war Germany. We want to carry their thread of hope, the potential of music as raw human energy, to encourage a momentum that can bring about awareness and change. Continuing to gather and share obscure voices and everyday sounds keeps us connected to this feeling. We want to take an active role in the part of society that believes in the significance of great challenging and eclectic music. We are interested in showcasing projects that take the creative risks necessary to explore the possibilities of immeasurable intersections of human sonic energy.

We are devoted to the sounds and textures of being human, allowing space for musicians and artists to explore the outer edges of music. Our intention is to foster collaborations that focus on process and free experimentation, to explore a rich diversity of the human experience through acoustics, noise, music and performance. We see the serious and playful practice of exploring music as a language to question and name identity and culture. Klangbad is a sonic nest for the unpredictable, the unformatted and the surprising.

Klangbad are: Hans Joachim Irmler