S/T - Self Titled


01. my new mobile
02. würfel musik machen
03. o in yr blood
04. don´t go!
05. the boy who can not whistle
06. all is well in our world/ apocalypse
07. du weisst schon
08. the silly season
09. what happens...happens

Martin Brauner (git / voc) and Joachim Gaertner (keyboards) seem to have developed a musical independence and immunity of a special kind. They play hypnotic rock, a music, that lays bare its influences, yet it sounds like coming from another planet. This album is a trip through mountain ranges of guitars, ambient collages of sounds and lyrics and entrancing riffloops. Real psychedelic monsters with pounding drums and echo-drenched guitars bordering on post-industrial. Calm, tranquil and almost tender tracks invite the listener to immerse oneself in the solace of their pulse. The overall principle in this music is minimalism, which is at times orchestrated with big noises, while at other times, it comes sneaking up with only the softest sounds.
As far as rhythm is concerned, everything that wasn't nailed down can supply the rhythm in S/Ts music: the beats of their often-used organ, the croaking of frogs, even 'real' drum-samples – whatever you can think of, they will use it.

-    “Seit 1993 verleiben sich Martin Brauner und Joachim Gaertner per Gitarre
      und Keyboards alles ein, was von Bombast bis Minimalismus dröhnt,
      hypnotische Schleifen dreht, stoisch brettert oder  
      schwebt.”  SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG  (Ger)
-    „Highly Recommended!“  TANGENTS (UK)
-    „Eine frische Platte.“  MUSIKEXPRESS (Ger)

produced by Hans Joachim Irmler
Klangarbeit made by Bruno Gebhard

(p) klangbad 2004
(c) freibank: edition freispiel 2004