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01. Gleich nach der Brücke rechts
02. Vorne links
03. Papierfabrik
04. Hommage á Badesaison
05. Hinten links
06. Hinter dem Eisentor
07. In der Schmiede
08. Oben hinten
09. Die Stahltreppe hinauf

Paper Factory are:
Mike Adcock
Sylvia Hallett
Hans Joachim Irmler
Mike Svoboda

PAPER FACTORY is the new band project of FAUST mastermind Hans Joachim Irmler. It is a international ensemble of instrumentalists from different corners of the centemporary music scene. The band incorporates free improvisation, electronica, experimental rock and new music avant garde.
The collective interactions move between electronic and acoustic sounds using often unusual instruments (like khene, shakuhachi, drainpipe, musical saw and conch shell) to created new and surprising soundscape which could be described as ambient improvisations. This is their first CD. It was recorded in the
Faust-Studio in July 2004.

This CD, with an individual printed cover by artist Bernhard Maier, is released in a limited edition of 500 on Faust‘s KLANGBAD label.
This is a jewel and a true collector‘s item.

produced by Hans Joachim Irmler
Klangarbeit by Bruno Gebhard & Sonia Roelcke"