Ole Lukkoye - Crystal Crow-Bar

Ole Lukkøye - Crystal Crow-Bar
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01. Bonfires are burning upon the river
02. Charms
03. Melting
04. Crystal Crow Bar
05. Pre
06. Uloog Hem
07. Pussy-Willow
08. White Stone

Ole Lukkoye are:

Boris Bardash
Andrej Lavrinenko
Tanja Svaha

Ole Lukkøye are part of the Russian underground. The band was formed by Boris Bardash and Andrej
Lavrinenko in St. Petersburg in 1989. With the release of their second album "Toomze", the band showed
the high ambition they aspired to: It's a concoction of British ArtRock, musical influences from all parts of the
former Soviet Union and elements of ambient and trance which makes this music so intriguing. The group
fuses traditional Russian styles (for example that of the Tuva-region in southern Siberia) with current
western rhythms and sounds. The result, a dark and shamanistic psychedelic trance rock with much
percussion and many acoustic instruments, opens a door between east and west. Ole Lukkøye knew the
early albums of Faust, which found their way into the Russian music scene and acquired a cult following
there. Thus the contact was established and after a meeting, the two parties agreed that Ole Lukkøye's
fourth album Crystal Crow Bar was to be produced at Faust's studios in the spring of 2000. The result of this
collaboration is no less mystic and enchanting than the band's preceding LPs.

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