Ilse Lau - Tosh Togs


01.    Tosh Togs
02.    Motor Poetry
03.    Essence of Giraffe
04.    Triangular
05.    Investigation Into
06.    Basics
07.    North of the north pole
08.    Tukan

ILSE LAU are Thomas Fokke, Ansgar Wilken, Henning Bosse
(bass, guitars, drums, voices, percussion, fender rhodes, hohner D6 clavinet, piano)

He most obvious innovation on Tosh Togs is the introduction of a new instrument: the voice. Apart from the ever propulsive and often edgy and fidgety drums, the jagged rhythm guitar and the accentuated bass, there are now vocals and lyrics (English). But at no point does the singing seem to be imposed onto the music – however broad the arcs of melody might be. On the contrary: The voice of drummer (!) Henning Bosse fits this music like hand in glove, like Ilse Lau had never played anything else.

-    “ein energiegeladenes und erwachsenes
      Rockding aus der ersten Liga”  VISIONS (Ger)
-    „Sehr clever.“  SPEX (Ger)
-    „eine Fortführung des überaus kunstfertigen
      Umgangs mit ihren Instrumenten.“  STYLE (Ger)
-    „höchst originelle und sehr aufgeräumte Musik.“  INTRO (Ger)
-    „Zum Glück klingen Ilse Lau so amerikanisch.“  STADT REVUE (Ger)

recorded and mixed by Gregor Hennig at Rekorder Studio, Hamburg, June 2005
© autopilot music publishing