Faust - You Know Faust

You Know Faust LP
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It's hard to get the full effect of threshing machines, chainsaws and paint displays on disc. So, the first studio album in two decades from the re-activated Krautrock collective (currently Zappi Diermaier, Hans Joachim Irmier and Jean-Hervé Péron) has thankfully surrendered the excessive industrial mannerisms of their current stage "spectacles" and restored the formula that engineered their sizeable reputation. You Know faUSt takes it cue less from their debut album's lengthy collages or follow-up's song-based skewings and more the haphazard careering of The Faust Tapes. Na Sowas's 14-minute industrial-ambient jam aside, the 11, largely instrumental tracks (bolstered by a further six links of less than a minute each) are surprisingly gentle. Lacking the progressive blueprint that each Faust record has undertaken, when it wends its way with bucolic melody (the trumpet/organ duet C Pluus, the acoustic Cendre) and classic, undiluted Krautrock pulsebeats (Liebeswehen, Teutonentango), fans can be grateful Faust have chosen to consolidate instead.