DJ MARCELLE – Another Nice Mess meets further Soulmates at Faust Studio Deejay Labor

DJ Marcelle meets further Soulmates at Faust Studio Deejay Labor
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dj marcelle/another nice mess: the new album from Wrangelfilm on Vimeo.

Surprise, adventure, entertainment and education: Four key words often used for describing Dutch DJ Marcelle/Another Nice Mess who releases her third double vinyl album since 2008 on the German Klangbad label. Using live (and in the studio) three turntables, on this new album Marcelle takes her mix talents to higher heights. She is as much, or even more of, a musician as she is a dj.

By putting different styles of music in a different context, she changes the way we experience those individual styles. She fuses musical styles like no other, making it seem like they always belonged together and making the audience believe they are listening to one track instead of three played simultaneously!

She plays with expectations and roles: on this album whales become singers, a thunderstorm is the bass and some fanatically religious shouting gives a dubby beat that extra twist. Melancholic guitar sounds from the western Sahel are combined with avant garde noises from Dutch painter, sculptor and poet Karel Appel. Frogs, monkeys, dolphins, a yoga teacher, a crying baby and even the worst opera singer in the world turn up on the record, mixed with left field techno, free jazz, weird hip hop, cutting edge electronica, new African dance music, dubstep, dancehall and lots of less classifiable records.

The album is divided into four mixes, each one having it’s own mood and story: the ‘Entertaining Mix’ (with a surprising finish courtesy of Marcelle’s pet hamster Cérile, impersonating the sounds of a chicken, a goose and other birds), The Contemplative Mix, The Optimistic Mix and The Refreshing Mix.

As much inspired by avant garde art movements as fluxus and dada, the real life absurdism of Monty Python as by the wild experiments of dub, post-punk and the latest developments in electronic dance music – Marcelle has always been following musical developments very closely and has a keen ear for innovative and ‘new’ sounds. She strongly believes in the excitement and artfulness of creation and development. With her extensive record collection of some 15,000 vinyl and counting, Marcelle has a strong historical knowledge of past and contemporary ‘underground’ music.

On stage and on her records Marcelle transcends a sense of openness and a feeling of freedom, which often have her described as ‘totally enriching’, ‘a true ear opener’, a real ‘pioneer’. More than once people told Marcelle that they never dance but when they heard Marcelle they simply couldn’t stand still and HAD to move.

A fitting description would be ‘avant garde ethno bass’ - but you decide.

DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess
Meets Further Soulmates at Faust Studio Deejay Laboratory

Recorded at Faust Studio in Scheer, Germany, 2012
Engineer: Andreas Schmid
Mentor & Cook: Hans-Joachim Irmler
Sleeve Design: Yvette Feld / Kerstin Nothmann

Cargo UK / Broken Silence Germany / A-Musik / Klangbad Mailorder