Cpt. Howdy - Nervous

Cpt. Howdy - Nervous
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01.    Freak for the weekend
02.    Got the boys together
03.    Suiciety
04.    Aligator
05.    Nervous
06.    Don't you tell it no one
07.    Boogieman
08.    Back on the line
09.    R’n’R Ride
10.    The sun is going down

Cpt. Howdy are:

Lars Paukstat: Vocals
Eckhardt Marheinke: Guitar
Andreas Riebesehl: Bass
Sebastian Rohde: Drums

Rough, solid, massive, (this could go on for quite some time) earthy beat music played with guitar,
bass and drums plus vocals and a bit of harmonica every now and then – that’s what this band is all
about. They play their music very laid back and with an alsmost discarding gesture. Laxness is a
keyword here. When you see this band, you’re guaranteed to go all stiff in the hip and your right knee
will start to twitch in time to the music. Listen to the warm gnarling of the guitar being propelled
foreward by bass and drums and realize that here, everything is in its right place.

- “von Maracas gepuderter Rhythm’n’Blues, Swamp-Rock
    mit Harmonika, Kopfschüttel-Beat”  
- "Durch bluesgetränkten, erdigen Rock’n’Roll schnörkellos
    in die Vergangenheit“  WOM MAGAZIN (Ger)
- "Cpt. Howdy legen Wert auf ihre
    traditionelle Rock’n’Roll Attitüde.“  INTRO (Ger)
- "ungeschliffen und altbacken, lässig und cool,
    und das bestimmt mit Absicht“  ECLIPSED (Ger)

Produced by Hans Joachim Irmler
All songs by Lars Paukstat
© autopilot music publishing