Circle - andexelt.


01. andexelt
02. odultept
03. 20milate
04. lisäpui
05. huNUsaaR
06. Paljasta
07. Vereftoi
08. Kidulgos

Tumult is proud to present Circle's Andexelt, their sixth record. It's the first Circle record to be officially released in the US (with "Pori" being reissued by Knitting Factory sublabel Feldspar) and has a bonus track - "Friitalan Nahka" - not on the original Finnish release, along with improved graphics. Andexelt contains all the elements that have defined Circle over the years, as well as progressing in new directions as their albums always have. It should definitely please longtime fans of the band, as well as being a great introduction to Circle for newcomers.

recorded 7/1998