CHRISTY & EMILY + Talk Normal – Quick Words – 7 Split

Christy&Emily+Talk Normal - Quick Words - 7" Split
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The 7" is called QUICK WORDS.
QUICK WORDS is a recording made in the Brooklyn wintertime.
For Christy & Emily, these songs are a preview of their newer sound with bass (Pete Kerlin) and drums (Kristin Mueller).  Later in the spring of 2011, Christy & Emily will be heading to the Faust Studio in southern Germany to record a new full-length album with this quartet.  They are happy with the way the band allows them to expand sonically.  The extra track on the digital download card is a song by Oakley Hall, called Endtime Evangelist, of their first self-titled album on Bulb (four years before they signed to Merge).  This song has been strong on Emily's mind for half a decade, only coming out as a cover that the duo has been performing live in the last year.   

Talk Normal's "Hurricane" is a soaring narrative piece. Lead by drummer Andrya Ambro's melodic lead vocal and buffeted by guitarist Sarah Register's harmonies, "Hurricane" is a sing-a-long story told with humility, grace & pleasing cacophony.  Conceptual references range from U.S. Girls to Meredith Monk to Tears For Fears to The Velvet Underground - yet the sound is all their own, with an ebbing structure that carries the imagination through a manic ocean of soundscapes, wildly complex and still simple enough to be howled at the moon.

Emily Manzo - electric piano
Christy Edwards - guitar
Peter Kerlin - bass
Kristin Mueller - drums
Mixed and recorded by Tom Gloady at Rare Book Room
Mastered by Mitch Rackin
"Endtime Evangelist"* (digital download only)
*written by Pat Sullivan and originally recorded by Oakley Hall

Talk Normal is Andrya Ambro & Sarah Register
Recorded and mixed by Andrya Ambro
Mastered by Sarah Register
Cover design and artwork by Maya Hayuk and Morgan Blair
Jacket printing done by Kayrock Screenprinting Inc.

"Und "Bells", der erste Song, der in dieser Besetzung entstanden ist, markiert schonmal eine musikalische Veränderung. Christy&Emily klingen wie die Überbringer einer verhallten, fuzzy Rock`n`Folk`n`Roll-Botschaft aus den späten 50ern. Talk Normal, ebenfalls ein Duo aus Brooklyn, bedient sich auf "Hurricane" zu kakofonischer Lärmbegleitung mehr dem spoken als dem gesungenen word. So müssen die frühen Velvet Underground vor ihren ersten Plattenaufnahmen geklungen haben."
Albert Koch, Musikexpress

"Christy & Emily's music is quite cool and spooky and worthy playing at a funeral or in your car as you drive into the abyss."
Rob O'Connor. Christy & Emily #8 of 25 Women To Watch!