Adriano Lanzi & Omar Sodano - La Vita Perfetta

Adriano Lanzi & Omar Sodano - La Vita Perfetta
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10,00 €


01.    Russ Meyer
02.    A.S.P.
03.    Brucole
04.    La Vita Perfetta
05.    El Topo
06.    Pellicani
07.    Santos
08.    Balera Orbitale
09.    Villa
10.    Dura Madre

Lanzi & Sodano did not want to be nailed down on a fixed style. Their new album reinforces that
notion. Concerning styles, Adriano Lanzi and Omar Sodano are everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Their  juggling of different sorts of music is nimble to an extent that will lead not only a few of their listeners to spontaneous fits of hilarity. In their music, one encounters modern, almost fashionable kinds of jazz as well as free music, while now and then one can catch a glimpse of post rock through the elegent and highly musical arrangements. Then again it is multi-layered electronica. While being highly dexterous in all musical genres, they never simply show off with their knowledge but use it in a very creative way. This they do not
achieve by using samples – the extremely nice digipack proudly bears the disclaimer ‘No Samples’. Lanzi & Sodano move beyond simple sampling and even quotations. In a way which one can only describe as extremely clever, they let styles infuse their songs wihout having them formed by it. Let me be more plain: They do not quote these styles of music, they simply are them. LA VITA PERFETTA is extremely well produced and a real find for fans of Electronica, Postrock and Jazz.

Press Quotes:

-    "Musik, die vom Spannungsverhältnis zwischen
       elektronischen und organischen Sounds lebt”   
       ROLLING STONE (Ger)
-    "ein fast durchgängiger narrativ-instrumentaler
       Ereignisfluss.“  SPEX (Ger)
-    "La Vita Perfetta combines deft musicianship
       with wayward studio interventions.” 
       THE WIRE (UK)

Total time 46:35
Postproduction Hans Joachim Irmler, Sound by Bruno Gebhard
© 2004 Klangbad & Freibank, Edition Freispiel